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A New Beginning Today

As I embark on this new journey I can’t help but reflect on why I am here and who supported me along the way. One thing you will realize about me quickly is that my family means more to me then anything else in life. The support I have received from my family has been nothing short of amazing. From my kids, my wife, parents and grandparents- all of them have been there in any capacity I have needed them. On January 22nd of 2019 one of the most influential people in my life passed away. My grandmother, Jan Montemurro. She was legendary. The kindest, biggest hearted loving woman I have ever had the privilege of loving. My “granny” taught me more than she will ever know. She taught me to forgive. She taught me the power of family. She taught me to always stand up for what you believe in. She taught me the importance of great friends. She taught me the significance and value of marrying your best friend. She taught me to believe in and Love God. Death is in my opinion  the worst part of life in the flesh. However, knowing she is walking with Jesus is the warmest feeling one could have during such heartbreak. You may ask your self, “Why would Jearred possible make his first blog post about the death of his Gramdma”? To that I’d say, I cannot think of a better way to show the world how much I love my grandmother. Her legacy will carry on through us all. I love you more . Keep it LEGEND.